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How to clean shower head without vinegar

Are you looking for alternative ways on how to clean shower head without vinegar?

Vinegar is a common household product that is readily available. It is an excellent cleaning agent that also absorbs odor. Hence, the reason why it is used to clean clogged and dirty shower heads.

There are various reasons behind the clogging of shower heads such as bacteria, mildew, scum, among other forms of dirt. No matter the cause, you can use other cleaning agents other than vinegar such as baking soda, lemon juice, oven cleaner, bleach or even coca cola.

How to clean shower head without vinegar

1. How to clean shower head with baking soda

Baking soda, popularly known as sodium bicarbonate, is used in more than twenty-two household cleaning applications. This is a non-toxic and non-acidic component, unlike soap, which is slightly abrasive. It is a simple and an affordable option that you can use to clean the shower head. It is also used as a natural antibacterial cleaning agent.

How do you use baking soda to clean a clogged shower head?

Add baking soda to water and stir it until it forms a paste. Sometimes you might find that the solution has become runny; what do you do? Add more baking soda. Conversely, if the solution is powdery, add more water.

Apply the paste on the shower head in that it covers the entire head, including the holes.

Give it at least thirty minutes and rinse it thoroughly with water. Confirm if it is working correctly, and ensure that you have eliminated all the cleaner. Note that if the baking soda particles remain on the shower head, they might cause further clogging.

2. How to clean a shower head with lemon juice

Lemon juice work similar to vinegar due to its acidic nature. This makes it a proficient green cleaning agent for your clogged shower head. This cleaning mode has a couple of options, including buying a readily prepared bottle of lemon juice or squeezing the lemons to generate juice.

How do you use lemon juice to clean the shower head? Using a soft piece of cloth, cover the shower head with lemon juice. Note that there is no need for you to scrub the fixture since the acid component will do all the work for you. To get excellent results, consider adding salt to the lemon juice and mix it thoroughly.

This will advance the acidic component’s concentration in cleaning the grime and excess mildew, thus unclogging your shower head.  After applying the lemon juice, give it some time, and then rinse it with water. Your shower head is clean and ready for use!

3. Cleaning with Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola beverage has been used for a long time by many people as a cleaning agent. This beverage guarantees outstanding feedback when it comes to eliminating rust, grease among other forms of dirt. Colas are mostly used to revamp tarnished copper or silver. For you to use cola to clean your shower head, remove it from its fixture.

Pour the cola beverage into a large bowl that is big enough to submerge the shower head in it for a few minutes. Remove the shower head from the bowl and use a microfiber cloth to clean the loose grime among other dirt forms. Note that even though the cola beverage is an excellent cleaning agent, it leaves a residue layer that has to be removed, although the shower head is clean.

Ensure that you rinse it thoroughly with soap and clean water before returning it to the fixture.

4. Cleaning with bleach

This is an affordable and accessible household cleaning agent. Note that this is a disinfectant; thus, use it with caution. To avoid further health complications when using a bleach, use it in a ventilated surrounding and do not mix it with another cleaning agent since it is hazardous.

Mix an equivalent amount of the bleach with water in a container or anything else you don’t use for food storage. Stir the mixture and ensure that it is well-diluted before you apply it to the shower head. Use a piece of cloth to apply the mixture to the shower head, and let it rest for at least five minutes.

Use clean water to rinse the shower head, followed by applying a mild soap and rinse it again. Then give the shower head some time to air-dry and check if there are any bleach remains. Ensure that the bleach is thoroughly washed away from the shower head and dispose of the remaining safely.

5. Using oven cleaner

Note that, anything you use to clean an oven can also clean the shower head. Oven cleaner is a standardized cleaning agent with sensitive chemical components. This cleaning agent can eliminate any form of dirt in the house; it has a pungent smell that requires proper ventilation.

To avoid health complications, put on gloves and a mask to prevent any resulting injury. When using oven cleaner to clean the shower head, there is no need to remove the shower head from the fixture. How do you go about it?

Begin by spraying the oven cleaner all over the shower head. Ensure that it has covered the entire shower head, including the holes. Give it twenty minutes for the cleaner to loosen the dirt and rinse it with water. Wipe off the shower head entirely and give it time to air-dry. Note that if you do not completely wipe the cleaner from the shower head, it will alter the shower head finish.

After cleaning the shower head, wash your hands thoroughly, and remember to keep the remaining oven cleaner out of the reach of children.


Many people strongly believe in cleaning their shower heads with vinegar, but there are multiple ways on how to clean your shower head without vinegar. It is vital to remember that the bathroom’s moist nature generates a favorable environment for the growth of mold and bacteria, resulting in the clogging of the shower head. An immaculate bathroom enhances a favorable environment and also a crucial factor for a healthy living.

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